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On tour In Europe and Australia

On tour In Europe and Australia

Floris van Bommel & Jay Brannan



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Always, Then, & Now
Jay Brannan · Always, Then, & Now [Explicit]
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it’s your heart that keeps the beat
and it’s your hand that spins the earth under my feet
your laugh that’s plundering through
holy rolling thundering to
turn ice to rain and
make love from pain and
let it be heard on this day
i’ll love honor and obey
always, then, and now
to you i make this vow

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jay brannan - “housewife” official video

two bodies pressed together
two boys are falling hard
the smell of sweat and leather
a kinky greeting card


Jay Brannan - Square One

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Greatest Hits
Jay Brannan · Rob Me Blind
34 Plays

I don’t sing for the rainbow
Cuz I taste the rain
They spit “cheer up” and they scoff
I laugh “cheer down or fuck off”
Then get roughed up against the grain

You may never be happy
And I still see your worth
Someday we’ll be less miserable
We’ll dye our heads invisible
Wrapped up in robes not of this earth