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Tour dates (Canada, Europe)

Tour dates (Canada, Europe)

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Ever After Happily [Explicit]
Jay Brannan · goddamned
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well, that’s the way the fairy tale goes
boy meets girl and they wed with roses
but that’s not the way it seems to be
and i’m pissed that they lied to me
cuz boy meets boy and boy runs away
or girl meets girl and she’s afraid to stay
we end up home alone watching court tv
not living ever after happily

Jay Brannan - My Last Day On Earth

it must feel freaky to be so sneaky
i guess you thought i’d never know
the one you loved had split, and he kind liked my shit
so you booked yourself a private show

Download Jay’s new album “Always, Then, & Now”
Download Jay’s new album “Always, Then, & Now”

Jay Brannan - His Eye is on the Sparrow LIVE at Troubadour, LA

lamentablelove asked: okay, so as soon as he mentioned he was recording a new album I emailed him and asked him to put uncle-auntie socialite on it because it's my absolute fav and he said he might, so I nearly died when I bought the album and it was on there; I really hope he plays that live. Also Elusive Knight is slaying me. I really like After All This but it breaks my heart so idk if I'd want to hear it live. Also, its not on the new album but Bowlegged and Starving would be hella rad. :)

He played Uncle-Auntie Socialite in London last year and at least a few times on this tour- so there’s  a good chance of hearing that one! Probably don’t hold your breath for Bowlegged & Starving though, it’s my favourite too and I always request it, but he never tours a piano

Admin 2’s advice for you? Listen to After All This live. Break your heart. Snivel tragically like I did the first time I heard Jay Brannan singing Black Boys On Mopeds. Become so profoundly morose that you evolve into an infinitely ironic type who listens to sad acoustic music and blogs all night…

lamentablelove asked: I am seeing Jay Brannan on Aug.4th and I might die I'm so freakin excited!!! Literally no one I know appreciates his sound, so I have no one to freak out with so I'm just gonna tell you. I am super duper stoked, I might make a t-shirt I'm so excited.

Don’t die, Mikey! Stay alive and see the show, it’s going to be fricking epic.


We’re  excited for you =j You should make a t-shirt, and you should submit a photo of it to us so we can show everyone. In fact you should get a picture with Jay while you’re wearing it and send us that! You get bonus points if you can get him to wear his glasses for the photo.

What songs are you hoping to hear? Tell us everything, we’re far more discerning than literally everyone you know.

On tour: USA, Canada, Europe

On tour: USA, Canada, Europe

Artist interview with Jay Brannan at The Red Room @ Cafe 939

Anonymous asked: Saw the gif you made of the live performance of Elusive Knight. I love that song but I haven't been able to find any video of Jay performing it live. Do you know of any? Thanks.

Hey! I have a video but didn’t post it because it’s not great. People were coming in and out the room all the time and you can’t see him half of the video :(. I hope to get another one when I see him in august.

Edit: here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_-WIoZ0vS4