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Jay Brannan - Square One

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Jay Brannan · Rob Me Blind
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I don’t sing for the rainbow
Cuz I taste the rain
They spit “cheer up” and they scoff
I laugh “cheer down or fuck off”
Then get roughed up against the grain

You may never be happy
And I still see your worth
Someday we’ll be less miserable
We’ll dye our heads invisible
Wrapped up in robes not of this earth


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[2/10] Movies -> Shortbus

Tour dates (Canada, Europe)

Tour dates (Canada, Europe)

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Ever After Happily [Explicit]
Jay Brannan · goddamned
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well, that’s the way the fairy tale goes
boy meets girl and they wed with roses
but that’s not the way it seems to be
and i’m pissed that they lied to me
cuz boy meets boy and boy runs away
or girl meets girl and she’s afraid to stay
we end up home alone watching court tv
not living ever after happily

Jay Brannan - My Last Day On Earth

it must feel freaky to be so sneaky
i guess you thought i’d never know
the one you loved had split, and he kind liked my shit
so you booked yourself a private show