USA tour dates

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Anonymous said:
Have you seen the new tour dates? are any shows near you and if they are do you think you'll go?

We have seen them and we always go!

Admin 1 will be at the show in August.

Jay hasn’t released any UK dates yet, but rest assured Admin 2’s ticket will be booked the minute he does.

Are you going? Tell us some of your JB gig stories to celebrate the new tour!

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Jay Brannan ─ Always, Then, & Now

if the mountains pierced the sky, and
and a flood swept you from i
i’d quickly 86 the seven seas
and if a wind came crashing through
and suddenly swept me from you
i’d choke the storm into a balmy breeze

and when we’re good and old
with much more to have and to hold
and our minds begin to gather dust
hand in hand we’ll fade away
but the history books will always say
this was the golden age of us

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Jay Brannan returns to the road (and sky) this summer to promote his new album of acoustic originals, entitled Always, Then, & Now (available July 15).
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USA Tour

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